Back to College with IKEA

Back to School with IKEA—-Bei Gan  (click in to see ppt )

Situation analysis : IKEA is one of the most famous furniture company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, applications, and home accessories.The mission for IKEA is to help costumers to create a better everyday life with their wide range of well-designed functional home furnishing ideas at a reasonable price. Every August, there is the third biggest shopping hotspot of the year, which is generated by students, parents and school opening. To offer better services and attract the younger generation, IKEA plans to promote a campaign based on college student’s needs and bring younger blood to our lifetime purchasing cycle.

Target Audience: Our target audiences will be college students and their parents.

Long tail theory,  introduced in The New Rules of Marketing & PR, indicates that customization is the current trend of services. Therefore, IKEA plans to refine our services and grow a whole new service section for college students, offering low-price or discount furniture kits, beddings, decoration accessories and other products for campus life.

Big Idea: College dorm decoration ideas campaign: Back to School with IKEA.

we will have a whole online campaign with Google Adwords and Youtube channel, cooperating with the 2014 IKEA $500 dorm decoration competition on Pinterest and Instagram. In addition, we will invite famous interior designer and bloggers to pitch and optimize our campaign.

Method: Our promotion will be in 3 parts: Inbound marketing, digital PR and SEO optimizing

Part 1: Our first step is to promote the shopping discount online with Google Adwords and IKEA Youtube channel. The Google Adwords will show up with your search result when the keywords are searched. Also, based on the Internet user’s search habit, the Google Ads will also show up as a sidebar( banner ads) on that website they use most frequently(such as showing on’s sidebar.) At the same time, IKEA Youtube channel will upload a series of tutorial videos and inspiration videos to help potential customers get the idea how to create a dorm with their own style. We will invite some very famous Youtube DIY stars to be a part of our video series.

Part 2: We will organize the 2014 IKEA $500 dorm decoration competition on Pinterest and Instagram. We will invite customers and students to attend and share their dorms decoration ideas and photos with # IKEADorm.Our pages will encourage visitors to vote(like) their favorite ideas. The post which got the highest vote(like) will win the competition and the winner of this competition will be awarded $1000 room decoration fund from IKEA and will be invited to be a dorm decoration blogger for IKEA and have a series of video clips to introduce his/her decor ideas to the public on Youtube.By doing this, we want to deliver the idea that IKEA is open, creative and  diversified.

Part 3: We will also invite some famous interior designer and bloggers to come and introduce their dorm decoration ideas with IKEA products and a small amount of money(like this video). The main point for this is to pitch and optimize 2014 IKEA Back to School sales. These designers and blogger can be very persuasive to craft and decoration lovers, so we will take an advantage of their reputation and make our campaign to be a hot topic within our potential customers.

KPI: To check the influence of this campaign, we can check out our follows and likes on our Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram pages to see how people like it or not. Also, we can check out how Google Adwords works with pay per click.


Inbound marketing: $15000

Digital PR: $5000

SEO optimizing: $10000

Summary: Cooperating these 3 parts of the campaign, we plan to increase sales by increasing our inbound traffic. This campaign helps IKEA build and enhance their customer relationship through “attract, convert, close and delight” process of inbound marketing. In addition, our online competition delivers and hints the mission of IKEA as ” help costumers to create a better everyday life with their wide range of well-designed functional home furnishing ideas at a reasonable price.”



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