This photo essay was a PPT made in 2011. It’s about my first academic tour in America. I traveled from west coast to east coast. It was totally a hard time for me. I got a bad cold during flight, and I was so blue because that was my first time left my family during spring festival. All the photos were shot with a small Sony digital camera, so some of the photo qualities are so poor. But they were all perfect to me at that time.
There is one thing that impresses me a lot during the trip. When we arrived NYC, it was rainy and windy, which made my cold worse. Meanwhile, the little Sony camera was automatically set to black/white mode. All the photos in NYC were black/white!
This photo essay includes a lot grammar issues but I don’t want to fix any of them, I want to keep it as the original version. I remember I cried badly during editing it, I just couldn’t help myself. It was the first time I realized I am going to a strange place alone and all the things I experienced are impossible for me to share with my parents like before.
The music I used is Aubrey by Joanna Wang. It also means a lot to me. The story is just like my girl friend and I. I know those who are so precious to are so far away now. However, I know there will be one day in the future, I am able to come back to them. Love is there is someone in your heart that is worth to remember. Love is there is someone you only cry for. Love is there is someone who makes you always want to be a better you.