MSU517(now was a Lansing based deliver company in 2013. It was my pleasure to work with them as a graphic designer for a very short period of time. This experience totally updated my view of being a designer and an advertiser. The core executive team is very engaging and super energetic. Influenced by their cohesive... Continue Reading → was a East Lansing based start-up leasing website. It is an important beginning for me. From there, I learnt to think like a designer and an advertiser, I learnt to collaborate and  communicate and solve problem independently. I worked for them from 2013 to 2014 as a graphic designer. The team was amazing.With my supervisor Ahmed Abukar and... Continue Reading →

Bodoni Specimen

This  animation explores the beauty of Bodoni.  2015 is the year I started to study typography, and Bodoni is one of my favorites. The internal elegance, rhythms and modern looks make this typeface stand out of all the others. The background music is Gallops from MUSICALBASICS, which perfectly expresses the innovative movement of Bodoni. Continue Reading →

The Library of Babel

  Inspired by The Library of Babel, I created a small book and a stop-motion animation. This book is formed by 8 pages, 4 groups of typography collage and photo collage, which are poem, costume, etiquette and festival. I intended to used these 4 pieces to talk about culture castration issues in my country. We once owned... Continue Reading →

Back to College with IKEA

Back to School with IKEA----Bei Gan  (click in to see ppt ) Situation analysis : IKEA is one of the most famous furniture company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, applications, and home accessories.The mission for IKEA is to help costumers to create a better everyday life with their wide range of well-designed functional home... Continue Reading →

Geometry And Rhythm

In this project, I was trying to use shapes to analyze rhythm. By masking and overlapping images, I wanted to create three kinds of visual movement that response to three kinds of rhythm( or sound).   Vibrate   Shoji   Stitches

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

The first illustration book I owned is Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. The first 3-D movie I watched is Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. It was a coincident that I did this right on the 150 anniversary. When I think of this book, I think of the Red Queen and the poker soldiers. So I decided to create... Continue Reading →

Weekly Poster Challange

This project asked designers to pick one topic per week and design a poster based on it. It is a quick brainstorm practice, and it encourages designers to find inspiration outside of design and art.This project gave me a great opportunity to get hands on various forms and techniques. It was fun for beginners.

Light It Up

This is an object representation project, which asked designers to reinterpret a daily object with different forms. I love this project a lot because of its openness. I used all kinds of techniques I learned: hand-drawing, sketching, blind-couture, illustration, oil-pastel, collage and digital transforming. I also tried out things I had never heard of, such as... Continue Reading →

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